Vighnaharta Grow your Ganesha is a unique concept designed to promote eco-friendly natural clay idols by converting them into plants after the visarjan, making sure your Ganesha lives with you forever. These are very troubling times, and the VIGHNAHARTA is here, so it's time to welcome the lord of beginnings and the remover of obstacles - Lord Ganesha. Let us welcome him in the most eco-friendly way with 9 Blooms, VIGHNAHARTA.
This is the time to be even more conscious of our environment and plant a seed of devotion this Ganesh Utsav.

  • The Ganesha Idol is made from natural clay, with Tulsi seeds within it.
  • Immerse the Ganesha Idol in the given pot filled with water. The idol will dissolve.
  • Once the idol is completely dissolved leave it for the seeds to sprout.
  • A beautiful Tulsi plant will grow from your Ganesha, cherish your Ganesha in this form forever. Extra Tulsi Seeds have been provided too.

|| Ganpati Bappa Morya ||.
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We aim to create a happy customer base who love plants around them and appreciates the beauty of nature. We create an experience of freshness with every bloom. We equip our patrons with basic knowledge of the plant they possess and develop in them the curiosity to learn more about these plants. Let’s have a beautiful, low maintenance live plant that oxygenates the atmosphere in every office and house and on every desk that breathes freshness. Our vision is to nourish the mind with creativity from nature and reduce the ill-effects of radiation through devices to human health thereby maintain the harmony in body, mind and soul. As inspired by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, We believe in development of a strong nation by contributing to the growth on india with " Make in India " products and utilisation of Indian resources.


GCS 12

₹ 599

CU 05

₹ 500

JV 09

₹ 750

CO 23

₹ 750

CO 04

₹ 500

CT 06

₹ 750

DBB 20

₹ 750

EPB 01

₹ 345/-

EGB 02

₹ 599


₹ 599

FW 18

₹ 500

FW 19

₹ 599

GCS 13

₹ 499

HZ 11

₹ 500

JV 10

₹ 599

KF 14

₹ 599

KLC 07

₹ 500

KT 08

₹ 599

SA 15

₹ 400

ST 26

₹ 250

SS 17

₹ 699


₹ 200

General Succulent Care:
Do’s and Don’t’s.
1. Over watering can kill your succulents. Kindly water these plants once in 3 days or as per season. Water the plant till the water comes out of the holes at bottom of the pot and then wait till it is completely dry before you water again.
2. Lack of sunlight can also kill the succulents. They like the morning sun for 2 to 3 hours. They will show beautiful natural glow.
3. Proper soil with drainage is absolutely necessary. It is imperative that succulents are planted in soil that allows water to drain quickly. If soil retains water for too long it can cause root rot. They prefer sandy soil.
4. To avoid pests in succulents, remove dying or rotting leaves and flowers from plants and pot regularly. Hydrate with clean water.
5. Maintain temperature between 20 to 35 degree Celsius. Most succulents do not like frost.


Minimum Quantity 27 kits at the rate of Rs.150 per kit
This kit includes 4 inch PVC Pot, A glow dinosaur as a surprise gift. Decorative elements for the pot decoration to make the Dino Pot. Giffy Quality of Cocopeat to sprout the seeds. Soil and best quality seeds. Super grower wrist band for the child and a measuring scale to measure the growth of the plant. A best gift for birthdays and for corporates activities. It inculcates a habit of growing plants and caring for the environment.
To Know more or to place an order please contct on 989 282 4444 or Email us.

Plant Library

9 blooms also operates a plant library that exchanges plants every week. We deal in exotic plants to cater to the niche market of the elite of Mumbai. These plants are desk plants and shall not require maintenance / watering over the week when on the client desk. Our aim is to create hassle free, anti radiation, oxygen rich, beautiful landscape on your desk at all times. “freshness with every bloom” which will surprise you with the wonders of nature, is the essence of our efforts. As a social awareness, We tag each of these plants with information about them to add to the knowledge of nature around us. We crave to offer best plants to our clients which are never before seen by them. “A plant with a difference” - an attraction for every eye that sees it. Please contact us by sending us an email at should you have any queries or for more information on membership details.

Gift A Plant

9 Blooms also deals in GIFT A PLANT, an initiative where plants are presented in a unique way to be offered as corporate gifts, wedding favours or gifts for special occasions. A bouquet lasts for a few days and then you see the flowers wilting and dying , how about gifting a life which you can continue to see growing and blooming. Your search for a gift that's unique, eco-friendly and leaves a lasting impression ends here. We have just what you need. We create handcrafted gifts to suit your special occasion. Our green gifts will delight your guests, corporate clients or your loved ones.


Interested to join a noble plant business!!!! We provide opportunity at small investment. We have 3 modules to reckon with as per your interest of work.
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1) Succulents keep producing oxygen all through out the night. This is the reason they are advantageous to be kept near your bed at night as they promise better night sleep.

2) Succulents purify the air. They remove toxins from the atmosphere. NASA found that they are able to remove 87 % of Volatile organic compounds ( VOC) from the atmosphere. Hence these are highly recommended as requisites for all rooms where we use rugs , books, inks, grocery bags, cigeratte smoke areas where high percentage of benzene and formaldehydes are released.

3)Succulents help to moisturise our living spaces. The improved humidity prevents dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry cough.

4) We investigated the amount of self-reported sick leave there was and compared it with the amount of plants they could see from their desk. The more plants they could see, then the less self-reported sick leave.

5) Succulents help in better focus. A number of studies of both students and workers have found that concentration, attentiveness and brain capabilities improve when studying or working with succulents in the room. It has globally been proved that memory retention improved by as much as 20% when plants were present.

6) Succulents aid in quicker recovery. Succulents can contribute to reducing flu-like symptoms, headaches, fever and coughs. According to researchers at Kansas State University, hospital patients with plants in their rooms required less pain medication, had lower blood pressure and heart rate and experienced less fatigue and anxiety.

7) Succulents are proved to be anti radiation plants. This is a very important feature. All of us are constantly using mobile phones, I pads , tabs and computers in our every day lives. Thus we are getting exposed to high radiations causing various health issues. These succulents absorb these radiations.


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